New version of ShadowKit v1.7 Released!

I’ve made a few changes to ShadowKit to address feedback from users! (I know, finally)

The changes that have been made are (changelog):

*Exporting no longer uses numeric folders (0,1,2,x). Files are exported directly to the folder you have chosen for the exported files.
*Fixed the Export Complete Dialogue so that it is now always (hopefully) on top of all other windows.
*The Manifest now encloses filenames with double quotes.
*I had to replace the MSI Setup Project, It is now an InstallShield exe vs VS 2010 Setup Project. Microsoft removed setup projects from Visual Studio 2012 and later.

You must Uninstall previous ShadowKit versions and then install v.1.7. It will not auto upgrade for older versions!

The installer and stand alone version can be downloaded here.