Finding metadata from popular document formats, image formats, audio and video formats can be a tedious task.

MetaDiver simplifies the extraction and review of meta-data. If you have ever looked at the Properties of a file on your computer MetaDiver can find it and sometimes even more. You can then drill through 

Most popular document and image formats are supported such as MS Office, Open Office, Images, JPEG Exif, GPS as well as audio & video tags.

You can process email from PST, MSG and RFC822 EML files as well and then drill through the metadata such as conversationid, to, from, subject and extended mapi attributes such as last verb!

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Processing files

Reviewing results

All of the metadata MetaDiver finds is stored locally in a SQLite database that you specify and it can be opened later to be reviewed in MetaDiver or exported to popular formats such as text files, json or spreadsheet. Other popular features include parsing of Windows Shortcuts and Jumplist’s are also supported.

You can now review the document content in MetaDiver using the Review window. You can review the file in Hex, Strings or even in Tika!

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*Requirements: Windows Vista+ and the .NET 4.5 Framework. Local Administrator rights.

Please post comments and questions in the product forum.

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