Forensic & DFIR Resources

I highly recommend that you check out past Forensic Lunch video’s if you would like to learn more about Forensic’s or you are just interested in keeping up with what is happening in the world of computer forensics, DFIR and InfoSec ! Read Twitter, it’s a great resource.


Blogs and sites with great information and research

Social media

Here are a few Twitter resources
#DFIR Digital Forensics and Incident Response posts and discussions on Twitter.


Sans DFIR for great articles, webcasts and re-tweets.
@HECFBlog Our own Hacking Exposed Computer Forensic’s Author Blog by David Cowen. David posts daily!The Hacking Exposed Computer Forensic’s Blog (HECF) is a highly informational blog with very technical posts and discussions about forensics.
 #InfoSec Information security related posts.


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