ShadowKit is a tool to aid in the recovery of Windows Volume Shadow Copy files in Windows 7 to Windows 10.  The pain and time involved in recovering shadow copy files made it clear a better way was needed. A lot of hard work and testing has gone in to making this tool. I hope you find it useful.


  • Recover deleted files from Shadow Copies
  • Extract what you want with a user friendly interface
  • No need to create a virtual machine of an acquired Win7 image to extract Shadow Copies
  • No need to do hacks like mklink+robocopy to extract Shadow Copies
  • No need for compiling source code.

*Microsoft .Net 4.0 Framework
*Administrator privileges

Download ShadowKit

Check for the latest!
“Standard” is free and will remain free. Value add features will likely be bundled in to a non free version in the future.

This software is provided with no warranty. Use at your own risk!