Powerful software tools that help you explore data!

MetaDiver – a solution for extracting and analyzing file Meta-data. Uncover what you were missing!

MetaDiver extracts file information fast and easy. Simply put it is great at pulling out file attributes and making it easy to review !

ShadowKit – a solution for recovering previous version of files in Windows using the Volume Shadow Copy service built into Windows. You can still access Shadow Copies in Windows 8.1 even without Previous Version tab.

ShadowKit is an easy to use tool for recovering previous versions of files in Windows! You won’t be able to do this with Windows Explorer, but you can with ShadowKit! If you are using Windows 8 this may be your only way to recover the previous versions of files you are looking for.

SQLiteDiver – a SQLite version 3 database viewer. Allows for quick view of a SQLite database whether it be from a mobile device, a web browser or anything really.

SQLiteDiver will decode date-times to a readable and reviewable format various epoch formats!

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