About: Red Rock Solutions LLC


David A Dym

I am the owner of Red Rock Solutions, LLC and EasyMetaData.com.

I am a Texas Licensed Private Investigator. I am a Computer Forensics investigator with  G-C Partners, a top notch Computer Forensics company based in Dallas and licensed by the Texas board of Private Investigators.



  • Author of ShadowKit. A tool for recovery of files from Windows Volume Shadow Copies
  • MetaDiver a tool to explore and recover document meta-data and numerous
  • GitHub projects.

Digital Forensics and Information Security

I have worked as a Computer Forensics investigator for over 10 years. I have extensive experience with industry standard forensic tools, data recovery, best practices and leading edge tools. I have worked as an Expert Consultant capacity in numerous matters.

Information Technology

I have 17 years combined professional experience in team building, team management, project management, networking, infrastructure, planning and implementation, software development knowledge spanning the SDLC and source code reviews. Core software languages are .NET, Python, Perl, PHP, various SQL database technologies and ELK Stack.