Ramdisk’s rock and you can do them on Windows!

Ram-disks and an excellent Windows7 SSD Tweaks guide

Ram disks have been around a while but not in the Windows world. They are not natively supported but I have recently stumbled across a great tool courtesy of the people over at the OCZ Forums on SSD’s. The guide they put together is to help people optimize their Windows 7 and Vista (gag) configurations. The company that sells the ramdisk tool is free up to a 4 gig ramdisk, quite impressive and the possibilities are endless! I already have a 1.2 gig ram disk running with my pagefile assigned to it without issue.  Hopefully Microsoft will see fit to add native support in Windows 8 as there are some practical needs for the pagefile albeit very few. The intriguing part is moving your Firefox cache to ram only and your windows TEMP path to the ram-disk! This will make our lives harder in the computer forensic world if you aren’t saving the ram-disk at reboot time but we have our ways 🙂

SSD Guide (experts only, don’t go crying to me newbies if you mess up): http://www.ocztechnologyforum.com/forum/showthread.php?63273-*-Windows-7-Ultimate-Tweaks-amp-Utilities-*